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EasySpan Shelf Beam, 600mmL - 2400mmL


Our EasySpan system has seven different sizes of beams available to provide maximum flexibility and make the best use of your space.

These are rebated beams which means that the shelf board sits flush with the edge of the beam. Mesh is also compatible with this system and can be used instead of shelf board.

Beam Specs:

  • Ghost Grey Powder Coated Finish
  • 3-Prong Attachment
  • Level can be moved up or down as required in 50mm increment
  • Robust, strong design

Beam Lengths Available:

 Beam Length Max. Weight Loading per Level
600mm 600kg
900mm 600kg
1200mm 500kg
1500mm 400kg
1800mm 400kg
2100mm 300kg
2400mm 300kg


Complete Your Unit: 

To complete your shelving unit you will need to purchase:

  • EasySpan Frames
  • EasySpan MDF Shelf Board
  • EasySpan Beam Locking Pins

If you would prefer, we do have kit-sets available such as:

Price includes GST