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Medium Duty Pallet Racking Corner Guard / Corner Protector


Protect the vulnerable edges of your warehouse pallet racking and more. These Corner Guards can be used for providing added protection to any exposed edges in your warehouse.

Repairs and maintenance to damaged frames is complicated and expensive. These heavy duty Post Protectors will help to preserve your racking at the most critical and most exposed point of the rack.

Unlike other designs, this is secured to the concrete rather than to the pallet racking post. This is an important design feature as you do not want the force of impact to travel from the protector to the frame.

These features are designed to provide maximum protection:

  • 300mm high
  • Extend 140mm in both directions to protect the entire base of the post
  • 3mm thick
  • 4 bolt holes - (purchase some Anchor Bolts to fasten these to the concrete)
  • SD Orange Powdercoat is easily visible and helps preserve the protector from rust and scratches
Price includes GST

    For a heavier duty option check out our Heavy Duty Pallet Racking Corner Guards