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SD Rack Pallet Support - 900mm


SD Rack Pallet Supports are designed to be strong and robust. Constructed from The 60mm x 40mm box section with welded brackets these will improve the safety and functionality of your racking.

SD Rack Pallet Supports hook over the pallet racking beam and provide additional support for your pallets. Ideal for irregular size or small pallets these will help to protect your stock by reducing the likelihood of pallets slipping off the racking.

Critical Dimensions:

  • Box-Section Length: 796mm
  • Hook Dimension: Suitable for beams up to 50mm thick
Price Includes GST

    To support shelf board, we suggest that you check out our Shelf Supports, a better option as they sit flush with the edge of the beam.

    If you are concerned that pallet supports won't offer enough protection for your stored goods and warehouse staff, check out our Pallet Racking Mesh Deck.